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Description: We are a group of (about 300+) Stamp and Postal History collectors who's main interest is in the Scandinavian philatelic world. We do originate from the Netherlands but we have members from all over the world. Check our website for more information about us and for articles and book reviews. Regards Henk P. Burgman (AIJP) Auctioneer/P.R. Commissioner of: -NFV "SKANDINAVIE"- -DUTCH PHILATELIC ASSOCIATION SCANDINAVIA- (Under construction) Postal address: Spechtstraat 70 NL-1021 VW Amsterdam NEDERLAND Tel: + 31 20 6329018 ATT!!! NEW E-MAIL ADDRESS: [email protected] ===================================================================================== PLEASE USE STAMPS ON YOUR MAILINGS. THEY WILL BE USED FOR OUR YOUTH PROJECT!! IF YOU HAVE ANY UNWANTED STAMPS LEFT, PLEASE DONATE THEM TO OUR YOUTH PROJECT. ====================
Added Date: 24 Dec 2006
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