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Stamp Album Software
 Category:Home \ Albums and SuppliesStamp Album Software
 Description:AlbumGen The stamp collectors dream! It lets you create your own album pages quickly & easily. Designed to save you time & money ! Designing your own pages was never so intuitive & easy to use. Fantastic for the topical collector or for exhibit pages. Try it ! It is directly capable of using the images & data within EzStamp so that images & stamps sizes are pre-supplied for you. The most powerful & versatile, yet easy to use stamp album page layout program available ! Brough to you by SoftPro - the makers of fine stamp collecting software. FREE DEMO !
 Submited By:marios
 Added Date:25 Dec 2006
 Avg Rating: 4.50 out of 5     2 Vote(s)
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Albumgen album program
Written by: Rick Jones
Added Date: 18 Sep 2007
Review: Best program I have ever bought. So simple to use & it creates fantastic pages. I would recommend this product to any collector. I will be buying their Ezstamp program also. I was using another program that I could not get support for. I am looking forward to getting both programs on my machine to track my collection. highly recommend this company. Rick
Avg Rating: 5.00 out of 5

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