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 Description:After some 40 years of collecting I have decided to pursue other avenues of interest and will use this medium and others to dispose of my collection. I expect this to take some time and hope to meet other collectors who take pride in their collections. My British Africa collection is near and dear to my heart and there are many key and scarce stamps availble for those countries. My Canada collection is quite complete and there are plenty of errors, varities etc to go along with the Covers, Postal History, Plate Blocks and Singles. A few European Stamps also available
 Submited By:John Phillips
 Added Date:2 Nov 2007
 Avg Rating: 4.00 out of 5     1 Vote(s)
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Phillips Stamps
Written by: James Scott
Added Date: 13 Dec 2007
Review: Very comprehensive listing of British Commonwealth and Canada. Have been in touch with seller and there are good prices to be had. Some scans available but seller will provide others.
Avg Rating: 5.00 out of 5

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